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Gamer keyring. PS gamer wording.

Gamer keyring. PS gamer wording.

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Gamers will get this ( so I'm told!) Are you a Gamer who shouts this through their headsets?

This Gamer Keyring is an alternative gift for the gamer In your life! Whether you know a gamer or you are that gamer this is the perfect keyring for you to purchase.

Hand stamped with the gamer message ‘Cyka Blyat’, all avid gamers will know this naughty translation! This Gamer Keyring is a quirky little item and whilst gamers will know this wording, this is by no means made to Cause offence! As with all our hand stamped items, each one is made to order. Each letter is stamped individually, ensuring that no two items are the same. Making your piece a truly unique gift.


Our hand stamped items are made from soft metal aluminium which will not tarnish with wear. We do however, recommend that your item is not submerged in water.


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