Why Handmade gifts are better than Mass-Produced gifts

Why Handmade gifts are better than Mass-Produced gifts

Handmade gifts will always cost more than mass-produced items, but have you considered the long term effects of buying cheap? 

Mass-production means bulk buying which forces lowering the cost of raw materials. Something cheap, sounds great doesn't it? But what this means is, worldwide, people are working for big corporations for very little pay. The knock on effect of this being that those environments can't be sustained, compared to wealthier nations. Those wealthier nations then subsidise these countries (and in turn, big corporations) with money that comes from you, the consumer. 

In reality, paying a higher price for a finished product is cheaper than that £1 bargain mug in the supermarket, once you factor in all of those hidden costs. 

Buy sustainable handmade gifts, not mass-produced cheap items which you pay more for in other ways. 

Some of the reasons buying handmade is better, in my opinion, I have listed below;

  1.  Handmade is forever. Did you know that 23 million gifts go to landfill every Christmas? people are less likely to bin handmade gifts due to their sentimental meanings.
  2. Buying handmade supports local people. This puts money back into the community and economy.
  3. When you buy a handmade product you are helping to keep craft skills alive in a world full of technology and gadgets.
  4. Handmade items are scrutinised by the maker far more than mass-produced.

In a nutshell, handmade gifts are, Unique, made in smaller batches, personable and good for the environment. 

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