I have been on a few really good business and sales workshops in recent years and each time one of the first things we are asked is 'Why do we do what we do?'. So, with a website update and a sale started I thought I'd add my 'Why?' to a blog post. I am rubbish at these, I honestly just ramble away at what is currently going on in my head but I will try and write it as quickly as I can without boring you! 

It all started with my parents I suppose, they didn't give me one of the more common 80's names, I got Carla, and whilst it's not an unusual one it's certainly not common. We went on holiday every year and I always hunted in all the little seaside shops for knick-knacks with my name on, just like all my school friends had. Nothing! there was nothing with the name Carla! I was disappointed every single time. Finally when I was 15 I visited Canada and I finally found a magnet at Niagara Falls with my name on - woohoo! Honestly I was so happy I snatched it off the shelf and 22 years later it is still on my fridge! It took 15 years and 3,810 miles to find a personalised item!!

Which brings me nicely to why I do what I do. I make personalised gifts for this very reason, it doesn't matter if you have the number 1 name in the world or the most unusual selection of letters, I can make a gift for you, for that child hunting all the shops, for anyone and for any occasion. I will never have to travel that far again for a fridge magnet saying my name, now I can just print one for myself! 

I have added a picture of my fabulous Niagara Falls magnet to this post, it's treasured! 

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